How to retire early, travel the world and spend quality time with your family before reaching age 60 by letting your money work for you


“Money Working for You”

And it can be achieved through investing. BUT until now, you still haven’t started? 

You’ve probably read books and attended seminars about investments BUT until now, you haven’t opened an account yet. 

You want to invest and might looking for someone to guide you BUT you don’t want to meet up and be sold an overpriced product with these so-called “financial advisers” who are after their commissions. 

And lastly, you don’t have time to attend workshops to workshops just to self study and to do it yourself.

How would you like that in 2 hours+ online, you’ll become a confident investor and finally be able to start letting your money work for you?

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Mutual Funds Mastery Online Course

A comprehensive online course on investing in Mutual Funds in the Philippines..

..where you’ll discover how you can retire early, travel the world (for fun NOT for work) and spend quality time with your family before reaching age 60 by letting your money work for you.


Usually when I give investment talks, I ask this question:

“Who among you here have read books and attended seminars about investing YET until now haven’t started?” 

I see a number of hands raised with matching guilty smiles.

I totally understand them.. 

Because I can relate with them. After reading Rid Dad Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki) and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (by T. Harv Eker), I was obsessed with passive income and learning how to let your money work for you.

So I indulge into reading more books about investments and attended seminars after seminars. 

But after all the learning, I still haven’t started…

Rid Dad Poor Dad and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind


The number one reason why you haven’t started is NOT because you want more information. But you want a person to guide you in your investment journey. 

The sad part is that a lot of people refrain from talking to financial experts and here’s why..

..I’ve talked to a number of people who wanted to invest in mutual funds only to end up buying a financial product they haven’t fully understood. There’s nothing wrong with buying such products. 

BUT it pains me that people are getting something else instead of something they wanted.

“I’ve already paid 54k but as of today it only has 16k investment value. I am thinking to just cancel it and invest purely on mutual fund so I will avoid higher charges and incur more losses”

“eto masakit nagsubok ka na lumago sana pera mo at napaka ganda ng pagkakaexplain sayo tapos paglipas ng panahon ganito lng mangyayari. 

paalala po sa mga nagbabalak kumuha ng investment pag aralan po natin mabuti lahat ng angulo bago tayo kumuha para di tayo mapaso. Kumuha kami ng vul , sa 200k na naibayad nmin sa loob ng 4yrs eto na sya ngayon: 138,230.88. 

ang galing ang laki ng nawala.. haiz… dami charges. Hindi kasi nmn ito inaral at first time namin sumubok mag invest. Kaya para sa iba po pag aralan po nating mabuti bago pumirma.”

Can you relate with that? 

…or do you know someone who ended up like that?

be financially educated

That’s why I am an advocate of being financially educated. Be your own money manager. 

Invest in learning through books, seminars and courses. 


..the thing is, it will take time. Personally, I’ve spent hours and hours of training, with 4 weeks (every weekend) training to be fully equipped and to be confident in investing.

And if you are someone who has a full-time job or business, you may not have that much time to spare.


..after reading books and attending seminars, most of the times you don’t know what to do next. There’s no step-by-step guide. And at the end of the day, you’re still on your own. 

Thus I decided to create the Mutual Funds Mastery (MFM) Online Course.

what mfm can do for you

1. Become an educated investor in 2 hours+: 

Be confident with your investment strategy by minimizing risks and maximizing returns even if you have zero investing background or experience.

2. Complete, intensive yet chunked into short videos:

For easy and bite-sized learning experience, so you no longer have to attend and waste time on seminars that doesn’t give you the full investing picture or talk to a “pushy” sales agent who’s only after their commissions. 

3. Hidden passive income strategies

And lastly, discover how you can customize and create actionable investment game plans to match your desired financial goals: may it be to travel the world for fun NOT for work, for your kid’s education, or to retire early by letting your money work for you.

what past students say

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Here's what's inside

Here’s what’s inside when you enroll in the Mutual Funds Mastery Online Training Course. 

Watch the short video below now: 

The Mutual Funds Mastery is a video training course that consists of 3 Modules as follows:


Module 1: Pre-investing Phase

– Discover the 3 major types of mutual funds, their risk-reward ratio and average returns so that you can match your financial goals with the right type of mutual fund. (Without knowing this, you may still end up losing money in MF)

– Choosing the right Mutual Fund for you, knowing which funds are performing good by doing your due diligence, what to look for and the mutual funds that I personal have invested in and which I recommend for you to get started. 

– Understand the fine details in your investments. Learn the fees, sales load and taxes associated with your account so that you can properly plan your investment the right way. 

– How to maximize your investments by having the option to have a zero entry fee in your investments so that you can put more and grow your money faster. 

– The 5 step process in your account opening and a step-by-step guide with the required procedures. 

– How to fund your initial and additional investments in the most convenient way possible. 


Module 2: Investing Phase

– What to expect once you start investing and discover how mutual funds are basically just like opening a bank account. (But with way better returns)

– Discover the proven investment strategy that separates the educated investor from the uneducated ones. (When everybody else are scared in investing, the educated ones just keep on investing and earning even more.)

– How to automate your investments so that you don’t have to think about it anymore and you are assured that regularly you are putting more and more money into your account. (By doing this you are being immune to the fluctuations of the market and even can maximize your growth)

– Three stupid mistakes of investors and how to avoid it so that you can minimize the risk and maximize your profits.

– A never before revealed “market prediction” strategy (based on years of years of actual data) that can put you into a position of earning huge returns in your investments. (They say nobody can predict the market, but it is noted that the market will always go up and down).

– The juiciest part: how to compute for your mutual fund earnings and how to realize your gains, at the same time how to NOT realize your losses.


Module 3: Post-Investing Phase

– How to redeem your mutual fund investments to fund your financial goals.

– Four options to buy your dream car and how to achieve it using mutual funds instead of taking a car loan. Discover also how you can purchase a car for free using mutual funds.

– The brutal truth of college education, and how to prepare for it using mutual funds. Understanding this you will be assured that your kids will surely go to college and you financially prepared.

– Discover the passive income retirement strategy on how you can retire not based on age but based on your investments. (Yes, you can retire at age 40 if you hit your investment target early)

– The 10/20 rule in retirement and how it will help you determine your magic number so that you can be living on interest.


My personal done-for-you templates to help you with your investment strategies and financial goals. 

Just plug your desired values and it will automatically compute to give you desired financial goals and plans.

What's Unique with the MFM?

I am NOT a financial adviser* but (just like you) I am a passive income seeker (learn more about it here)

Meaning as your course instructor inside MFM, I teach what I am personally doing so that you can be assured that you’ll get unbiased training.

No specific products will be pushed and sold to you BUT pure recommendations from my personal experience. So that you are free to choose which investment strategy and product that will fit your financial needs.

*NOTE: Technically speaking, I was once a financial adviser and trainer but no longer actively practicing. As I don’t want to represent and be biased with only one company and their products.


Yes, there is a 7-day “no questions asked guarantee”. If you enrolled in the course, consume it and not find the product as you expected, just hit us an email (with a smiley) in the first 7 days and will return your money back.

We never want you to be unhappy, that’s why the smiley is important.  


Here’s what you will get once you enrolled in the Mutual Funds Mastery Course:

MFM Full Course Details

1. Three Modulated Video Training Course

Complete and intensive course to help you become a confident investor in 2 hours+ of online training and be able to focus more on actually doing it and start letting your money work for you as soon as possible.

2. Digital Membership Access

Access in any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or even your smart phone and learn as you go.

3. Downloadable Videos

Yes, you can! Most courses don’t allow you to download their videos, or just give you the audio or transcript.

With MFM, you can download them so you can watch it in offline mode. 

4. Spreadsheets, Tools and Calculators

My personal done-for-you templates to help you with your investment strategies and financial goals. 



MFM Market Watch Newsletter

1. Market Watch Newsletter (Value P2,490)

Receive monthly email updates when’s the best time to add, investment reminders and occasional investment recommendations from my personal information sources. 
With these newsletters it will help you have peace of mind, no need to constantly monitor the market and still be confident you are investing the right way for your financial goals. 

2. The 30-90-360 Savings Game Plan (Value P3,700) 

A collection of my personal “ipon-challenges” that will help you make saving and investing fun. 
It’s fun and easy to spend money and most of the times, people aren’t inclined to save. Well, let’s change that and make saving and investing something you look forward to doing every single day! 
Let me repeat that, every single day (not during paydays only).

let's get started now!

Payments are done via Paypal, credit card or debit card. Cash payments are also accepted via Dragon Pay.  


PHP 4,970

IMPORTANT: Payment will be verified within 24-48 hours. Once payment is verified, log-in instructions will be sent via email. To hasten payment verification, please send transaction receipt to:


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Create your desired lifestyle,
Tiyo Pilo

PS: See you inside the course!

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