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If you could wave a magic wand, how would your ideal lifestyle look like?

Hi! My name is Teofilo Mari “Tiyo Pilo” Bacalso.

..and welcome to Lifestyle Income Experiments!

You see, I have always been obsessed with learning how to earn “passive income”.

While I was still in college back then, I have been experiencing earning income with less to no effort at all. Being a scholar, I am receiving monthly allowance and at the same time, I receive professional fees (as a sales leader) from my sales organization built by my parents.

I was already programmed to believe that “money will just come to me with less to no effort at all.” And that is called passive income.

So when I graduated from college, I was into reading books all about earning passive income, investing and letting your money work for you.

I learnt about investing in the stock market, mutual funds, MLM, network marketing, real estate, online marketing and other sources on how you can make passive income.

..and on the side, while working, I started venturing into them (1 by 1).


The Problem

I realized that there is no such thing as “pure” passive income. There is tremendous work to be done!

And each venture, requires a different kind of lifestyle.

I realized this when..

..after years building a team in my MLM venture, I look back and nobody was following me.

Yes! I was earning good income, I was experiencing passive income through overrides BUT I asked myself:

“Is this the lifestyle I wanted?”

I have to continuously motivate my team, I have to be a leader and a good role model to them. I have to attend meetings after meetings and after meetings.

And it hit me:

“It’s not the passive income that produces your desired lifestyle. BUT it is the lifestyle that produces the passive income.”¬†

Because if you love what you do, the income follows.

Thus, I call it Lifestyle Income.

Here are some examples of lifestyle income:

  1. If you are in sales, MLM or network marketing: You have to build a team, train your team, before you enjoy the overrides.
  2. For investment working for you: you need to continuously save, you need to be financially educated so you don’t get scared when the market goes up and down.
  3. If you want book royalty: you need to write a book, find publisher, have it edited and reviewed.
  4. For online marketing: you have to learn technology, drive traffic to your business and perfect your online system.
  5. and the so on..


The Mission

If I can wave a magic wand, here’s how my ideal lifestyle would look like:

  • I want prospects/customers to approach me (not the other way around).
  • I want to have a mobile business – work and earn anywhere I want.
  • I want to earn passive income.
  • I want to own my time – no time in and out or crazy long meetings after the meetings.
  • I want to be there for my family whenever they need me.
  • And I want to inspire and give value to people.

How about you? What lifestyle do you want? Are you living it already or still chasing the so-called dream of passive income?

Because here’s my mission.. I know my goal (my ideal lifestyle), I know where to go. BUT I may not know how to do it yet.

And later when I get there, I believe people will inevitably ask me how I did it.

So with all these different sources of lifestyle income, I will document my journey here and call it – Lifestyle Income Experiments.

I’m gonna share tips, strategies and learning based on my experience. I’m gonna document my lifestyle income projects, the design of experiments, how I am going to do it and its results.

..and if this is something that resonates with you, then come join me in this journey.


Create your desired lifestyle,

Tiyo Pilo