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Published May 19, 2016

Being in IMG, is like being in a financial school. You learn amazing concepts about saving and investing. Because of that, you want to share it to your friends and families and hopefully encourage them to do the same thing too – learn the discipline of saving and to actually start doing it. However, people don’t want to change. From old habits of spending to new habits of saving.

It makes you realize how funny people can be when it comes to personal finance. 
People are funny when it comes to personal finance
People are funny when it comes to personal finance

It’s Funny that: everybody wants to become wealthy but they are not willing to educate themselves. You ask them if they know how to become one, some have a plan, A LOT don’t. 

It’s Funny that: people never plan to fail, it’s just they fail to plan. No stupid person wants to become poor at some future age, “Gusto ko mapobre, gamay ug balay, walay kan.anay,” (I want to be poor, small house, no food to eat.) but is this happening? Yes it is. 

How many people do you know that are earning big income while they are still working and at retirement went broke due to lack of financial planning? How about those lucky people who won in lottery and after few months went back to being poor?

It’s Funny that: when you share to people about saving and investing long-term, most can’t wait. They can’t wait 30 years for their saving and investment to grow and compound, but many people are still working for 30 years but still doesn’t have any savings at all. 

How about those working abroad, earning big, but still cannot retire due to lack of savings?

It’s Funny that: when you encourage married people with children to save, they’ll say “I can no longer save because I have a lot of responsibilities already. Saving is only good for the singles.” 

The more they should save! Why? Because what if something happens to them? Who will take care of their family? Who will feed them? 

Save and protect yourself because you have a lot of responsibilities. 

But the funniest part of all: none of these things isn’t funny at all.

This article is published with permission from: Tiyo Pilo (with few revisions.) 

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