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Published August 17, 2016

Bro Bo Sanchez is a part of International Marketing Group with his team of financial advocates called “Truly Rich Makers.”  As we all miss him last IMG Convention 2015. Now, everybody is pumped to see Bro Bo Sanchez this coming IMG Annual Convention on Sept. 2016. 

However, he never fail to send us his best inspirational messages and recorded a video for his IMG family. (See video below this article)

Today let us take a look back at IMG convention 2014 and his powerful message that has inspired and changed a lot of people’s lives. 
Bro Bo Sanchez last IMG Convention 2014
Bro Bo Sanchez last IMG Convention 2014
Here are four power messages from Bro Bo Sanchez: 

He started his talk with a verse from the Bible, in Deuteronomy 30:19:

“I put blessing and curse in front of you. Choose.”

He reminded everyone that we all have the power to choose our destiny. We have the power to make our dreams come true. 

One powerful way is to write down our goals and dreams in paper. He shared his experience of writing down his dreams. He wrote down about his dream family (wife and kids) even if he was still single, his dream of creating a community for the poorest of the poor, his dream house and becoming a best-selling author. 

Power Message no.1: Write down all the blessings you want. Add a bit of imagination to excite yourself. 

And indeed, all his dreams came true! We just got to acknowledge that we have the power. God has given us the power to make our dreams come true! 

However, there is a block that is preventing us from achieving our dreams. This block is: “Education without Execution.”

Power Message no.2: There is block that is preventing us from achieving our dreams: “Education without Execution.”

Even how powerful a seminar, conference you attended or how amazing a book is, education without execution is useless. Much worse, financial education without financial execution. Since the audience is IMG, as financial educators and trainers, we need to practice what we preach. 

We preach about financial education – investing, saving, increasing cash flow. But without execution, we can not reach our financial goals and dreams. 

Thus, to remove this block: “education without execution.” in any given seminar or book we read, we need to take down two notes. These notes are: realization and resolution.

After learning from powerful speakers or after reading an awesome book, we need to write down the things we have learnt – this is our realization notes. Then after writing down our realizations, we need a plan of action – this is our resolution notes.

And after the learning and plan of action is created, it is then very important to act your plan by inserting a new routine to your weekly calendar. Thus: 

Power Message no.3: Transfer from Realization to Resolution and ultimately to Routine.

With this, we are sure to remove the block that is preventing us from achieving our dreams. 

It all starts in making a decision. It all starts in making this day your turning point in your life. 

The secret is in the weekly calendar. Decide and just do it. Insert a new routine in your weekly calendar that is a step towards achieving your dreams. 

Remember: Do not use willpower, it does not work. An example of this is the new year’s resolutions of going to the gym. After two or three weeks, the resolution is gone. Willpower does not work. Use “why” power!

Power Message no.4: Do not use willpower instead use “why” power.

How big are your dreams? What is your “WHY”? Your why will be the fuel that will change your life. Make this moment, make this your turning point. Decide. Make it happen. 

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By the way here’s the video message from Bro Bo Sanchez last year IMG Convention 2015, since he was not able to join us: 

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