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Published August 8, 2016

No. I’m not saying I got hospitalized and used my Kaiser long-term healthcare program. I just want to share how happy I am with Kaiser and my personal experiences with it. How I started and now that we are fully paid including all my family members. 

While there is no perfect financial product out there and the services you avail depends on your financial needs, I believe regardless of what program you are getting, make sure you fully understand how it works. 

Anyway, here’s my personal story: 

How I started my Kaiser long-term healthcare: 

I became a member of IMG since last Nov. 2011 and I was just so amazed of their advocacy, the learning and even the earning opportunity. Because I want to avail all the benefits of becoming an IMG member, I also wanted to try their career as a financial trainer. 

However, to my surprise, the requirement to become a financial trainer is to get started with their recommended program: Kaiser long-term healthcare. Since I want to maximize my membership, I got the savings program right away without much thought for 2 reasons: (1.) I wanted to earn as a financial trainer (2.) I trusted the person who introduced it to me who is the sister of my college classmate (who I believe are wealthy. hehe so I concluded these people will never do things that will bring harm to their names.) 

How I understood Kaiser healthcare benefits: 

The beauty however of IMG is its continuous training and lectures. I attended a lot of its product training and there I understood about the benefits of this program: how it works, the difference between a short-term and long-term healthcare and its difference with health insurance, critical illness benefits. 

Unlike talking to an agent, I got to learn it myself by actively attending and maximizing my IMG benefits. (It’s so unfortunate to those who do not maximize attending the training. We need to be proactive and take charge of our investments.) 

My Kaiser healthcare experience: 

Fast forward: after almost 5 years, I fully paid my Kaiser program and also all my family members (my mom, 3 brothers and 1 sister, my dad was 60+ when I was introduced to this program so we weren’t able to get one for him). The program we got was the Kaiser Long-term Care Premium (now we have 7-year Kaiser Ultimate program)  which was only a 5-year program. 
Kaiser Healthcare Certificate of Full Payment
Kaiser Healthcare Certificate of Full Payment

One of the benefits we availed with this program is its yearly FREE Annual Physical Exam and its dental benefits. 

Availing Annual Physical Exam and dental benefits with my sister
Availing Annual Physical Exam and dental benefits with my sister
And because I personally experience its benefits I love sharing it to my friends, here’s a feedback from one of my friends: 
Kaiser APE feedback
Kaiser APE feedback
Another feature I love about Kaiser is that they are the pioneer (if not the only) of what we call online policy management system. Instead of receiving a hard copy of your policy, you will receive an online account where you can log-in and see your policy. It’s your choice to download it and print it or just save it in your gadgets. How convenient is that?!

Before, Kaiser was giving hard-copy policies and I personally experience losing my hard-copy policy because I got burgled. They took away my stuffs including my Kaiser policy. It was a tedious task of coordinating with Kaiser, securing an affidavit of loss and having to wait months to receive another hard-copy policy. Now, with technology, no need to worry of losing your policy! 
Kaiser online policy management system
Kaiser online policy management system
However, since Kaiser is a pioneer in this online system, there may be times that there are bugs and errors. No worries, it is totally understandable. Anyway, what I love about them is they have amazing support. You can email your concerns to them and you will receive a ticket regarding your concerns. Just email to: Make sure to CC your IMG trainer so he/she can help follow-up on your concerns. 

Other People’s Kaiser healthcare experience: 

Here’s a friend of mine who availed an Annual Physical Exam in Bohol: 
APE Kaiser Experience in Bohol
APE Kaiser Experience in Bohol (source: Rose Sardido)
Here’s another experience where the Kaiser president himself handed over the insurance check to the spouse and beneficiary of the late, Vic De la Rosa, an IMG member.
Kaiser president hands over insurance check
Kaiser president hands over insurance check. (source: Kiko De Belen)
And this last example is one of the most amazing experiences. (It’s sad but very fortunate for her kids.) This is the late, Mrs. Tuadles who became a member of IMG at the same time a client of Kaiser. After contributing 2 months worth of premium (around 4,400+ per month), she met an unfortunate accident. But because of Kaiser, her kids received a total of +P700,000 as accidental insurance benefit and amazingly the policy was transferred to the primary beneficiary (one of her kids) and will now wait for maturity to receive another +P800,000:
Kaiser accidental death benefit
Kaiser accidental death benefit. (source: Sanito Espanol)
Seeing some of these experiences, I am very proud to say: “I’m glad I started my Kaiser long-term healthcare program.”

How about you? Let’s start your savings program now! Hit us a message at Life at IMG or email us at: So we can guide you start your Kaiser Long-term healthcare program now!

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