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Published September 21, 2016
One of the most sought after financial gurus in the Philippines is the founder of Rampver Financials, Inc: Mr. Rex Mendoza. We are very proud to have him us our dear friend and mentor. 

Every IMG convention, Mr. Rex will always remind us how lucky we are that we have him by saying IMG has never ever paid him to speak for us. Everybody would laugh but seriously speaking, Mr. Rex Mendoza is a top tier speaker easily earning a 6-figure every talk. However, he never asks payment because he loves sharing to IMG members his advocacy of financial literacy knowing his advocacy goes farther with IMG. 
International Marketing Group with Rex Mendoza
Mr. Rex Mendoza of Rampver Financials, Inc. (IMG Convention 2016)

So last IMG convention held in SMX Mall of Asia, (Sept. 10-11, 2016), Rex Mendoza has bombarded us again with amazing lessons. 

Let’s take a look at his leadership lessons to help us get ready to dominate anything in life.

To be a great leader is to dominate. To dominate is to perform. To perform is to commit. Thus, Dominance is a commitment.

The theme of IMG’s convention was about dominating the financial industry through financial education. Thus, to dominate, everyone should be a leader. 

There are 4 ways in developing world class leadership: 

1. Install a leadership perspective
Leadership is in all of us. It is inside us. Thus, we must always think of our higher selves. If we are an employee, we must think (believe and visualize) that we are already a supervisor. If we are a supervisor, we must think (believe and visualize) that we are already a manager. And so on.

Always, think of your higher self and you raise yourself up! 

2. Be the best at your craft
If we want to be paid the best, we have to be the best. All leaders practice and hone their skills every single day. 

When you look at the actors, actresses, athletes, and even business owners, the best are always paid the most. 

3. Build other leaders 
The role of a leader is not to create more followers, but to create more leaders. Thus, we need to share everything we know so people can be inspired to be like who we are, or even better than we are.

Unlike the traditional corporate job where people deprive their subordinates information, in IMG, everyone is welcome to go big as much as they want. They can promote themselves, learn more than their trainers and can become the best that they can be. 

4. Nurture relationships
While some may claim it is lonely at the top, it is never true for real leaders. Real leaders are masters in building relationships. 

They build relationships through connecting with emotions. Where emotions are, people do things. Thus, if one has a chance to connect with people, we need to connect the right way by considering people’s emotions. 

One way in building relationship through emotions is by appreciation. When one appreciates you and shows it to you, you feel indebted and you want to do more things to people. And it is by then that relationship builds the wealth, thus for real leaders, it is never lonely at the top.


One of the highlights of the IMG Gala Night was that Mr. Rex Mendoza was recognized and awarded as one of the millionaire ring earners of IMG, not because he is doing the IMG business but because he is one of the mentors responsible for creating a lot of millionaires in IMG through his financial training and updates. 

And when he was appreciated for his advocacy, and IMG showed it to him through the millionaire ring, he said: 

“The ring is not important. It is the appreciation that is most important. And because of that, I can talk to you (IMG members) even for ten years without pay!” 

Sir Rex, you truly are a man of advocacy! Kudos to you!

Do you want to attend a big event in IMG and meet our millionaire mentors? The next stop will be in IMG Singapore Convention 2017. Come and join us! Click here and be a member now. 

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