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Published August 16, 2016

Wealth file #10: 
Rich people are excellent receivers.
Poor people are poor receivers.

Yes, you read it right. Rich people are excellent receivers. Why? Because they believe they deserve to receive the best things in life. While poor people believe they are unworthy. 

This goes back to programming. When we were young, we were conditioned through verbal, modeling or specific incidents that would lead us to the way we think and believe now. 

We are familiar of the saying: “It is better to give than to receive?” This statement is not necessarily true. Remember: for every giver, there is a receiver and every receiver, there is a giver. This statement may have been spread by organizations who want you to give and them to receive. 
Is it really better to give than to receive?
Is it really better to give than to receive?
Though it is true that it is in giving that we feel most happy. However, if you want to give something and someone is not willing to receive it, what would you feel? The person has then deprived you of the wonderful feeling of giving because he is unwilling to receive your gift. 

Thus, when someone gives you something like a gift, a compliment, an allowance, a bonus, a reward, then receive it and say, “thank you.” Own it, because you deserve it. 

However, when someone gives you a negative feedback, comment, or anything not good, and then you don’t receive it, then who do you think it belongs? It goes back to the giver. All the hate, the criticism and doubts of other people, let it go and don’t receive it. It tells more about them than about you. 

Now, we know that rich people (mindset) are excellent receivers, how do we then strengthen our receiving muscle? 

This is where the “play fund” is most applicable! The play fund is a part of the money jar system where a certain percentage (recommended 10%) is intended as a play account where you get to blow this money guilt-free. 

Again, we want to be excellent receivers and the way to become one is to at least feel the feeling of being rich. Having a play account is a guilt-free way of spending money on things, experiences or even food that you don’t normally buy. 

Spending your play fund is getting comfortable to the feeling of being wealthy. Ofcourse, you don’t overdo it by spending all your money “feeling and looking rich.” That is why it is in percentages so that a part of your income would still go to investments, education, giving and expenses. 

Get comfortable going to expensive restaurants or first-class hotels. Even if you still can’t afford it, get inside the lobby and order a coffee. Then feel the feeling that one day, you will be wealthy because you deserve, we all deserve to be rich!

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