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Published April 20, 2016

Being in IMG, sometimes we can’t help but mention the following words: recruit, sales, upline, downline, insurance, investment, healthcare, business meeting or seminar. And a lot of times, our friends and even our family members are allergic to those words.

Worry not! Because right now, after IMG’s Malaysia Convention, held last April 17, 2016, IMG has officially launched its new platform: IMG’s Membership Platform!

Here is how it works:

IMG has a new platform: IMG's Membership Platform
IMG has a new platform: IMG’s Membership Platform

Just like getting a gym membership or joining a club or organization, IMG has adapted this platform. Once you become an IMG member, you will be entitled to avail of the following benefits:

1. Financial Education Workshop
2. Financial Check-up
3. Access to Major Real Estate Companies
4. Asset Preservation Services
5. Discounts on various financial products and services
6. Save money on car/home insurances
7. Access to life/health products and services
8. Access to investment/retirement products
9. Get accredited with various financial products and services providers.
10. Build a business in the financial industry

At the same time, when you are an IMG member, and you want to share the benefits to your friends and families BUT don’t know how to do it, then it is as simple as just showing them these benefits. No need to mention allergens like recruit, selling, business or whatever as these words are already no longer inside IMG’s dictionary. 

You could also download the below checklist and show this to your friends and families: 

IMG's Membership Benefits Checklist
IMG’s Membership Benefits Checklist

By showing this checklist to your friends or families, they will choose which benefit he/she likes to avail. After that, you explain the benefits that he or she is interested. No need to explain a lot of things, just simple and straight-to-the-point approach. 

This membership platform has been adapted to promote its Global Campaign for Financial Literacy and its commitment to financially educate 1 Million Filipino families by the year 2020.

IMG Global Campaign for Financial Literacy
IMG Global Campaign for Financial Literacy

IMG just made history by doing a historical march towards Malaysia’s Petronas “Twin” Towers.  

IMG's Historical March in Malaysia's Petronas "Twin" Tower
IMG’s Historical March in Malaysia’s Petronas “Twin” Tower

Are you part of the 1 million financially educated Filipino families? Be a member now and help share this Global Campaign for Financial Literacy! Experience #LifeatIMG. Be a member now! (Click here)

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