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Published April 21, 2016

One of the major benefits of being an IMG member is our Financial Education Workshop. As financial education classes are never taught in school, IMG is one the companies that has been consistently filling that gap. And finally, IMG has officially adapted a program from the IMG’s counterpart in the US and Canada: World System Builder of World Financial Group. 

The program is based on the book “Saving your Future” and workbook “Financial Foundation Educational Program Workbook” by World System Builder. (2015). X press WSB, Inc. 2099 Gold Street, PO Box 2028, Alviso, CA 95002. And we proudly say, that IMG is the only company given exclusive access to these materials. 

Here is a sneak peek of IMG’s Financial Education Workshop benefit:

Classroom Training and Workshop
Classroom Training and Workshop

The lectures will be based on the book “Saving Your Future.”

Saving your Future book
IMG’s Saving your Future book

The book includes all topics from basic financial concepts, money management, basics in insurances, investments and retirement planning, and other financial solutions like healthcare and estate planning. 

A peek on Saving your Future book's table of contents
A peek on IMG’s Saving your Future book’s table of contents
a peek inside Saving your Future book
A peek inside IMG’s Saving your Future book

After the lectures and modules, IMG members will then have an exclusive access to its Financial Education Workshop:

IMG's Financial Foundation Educational Program Workbook
IMG’s Financial Foundation Educational Program Workbook

Where the workshop will consist of 5 weekend (Saturdays or Sundays depending on schedule) workshops with topics including: Increase Cashflow, Debt Management, Insurance, Investment and Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Building a business in the financial industry.  

Workshop 1: Increase Cash Flow and Debt Management
Workshop 1: Increase Cash Flow and Debt Management

Twenty percent is learned in a classroom set-up so a workbook is used to reinforce the 80% learning. The workbook consists of questions based on the lecture and some basic financial computations to apply what we have learned. However, after completing all the workshops, it is then expected that one then should convert financial education into application through IMG’s Financial Check-up Benefit where one can expect to understand different financial products that we can then utilized.   

So, with this  Financial Education Workshop Benefit will you be part of the 1 Million Filipino Families that IMG is committed to financially educate? Attend a workshop in an IMG Financial center near you.

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