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Published May 23, 2016

When one is sick, he goes to a medical doctor to have a medical check-up. But most people are sick in the pockets rather than sick in the health. So, where do you go? 

In IMG, part of the benefits of its membership platform is to have a financial check-up. 

How does it work?
IMG's Financial Check-up Benefit
IMG’s Financial Check-up Benefit

In a financial check-up, it is like having a financial planning session with a money doctor. The beauty of this financial check-up session is that it can be in a classroom setting or on a one-on-one consultation. 

The challenge with the traditional way of financial planning of consulting an agent for our financial needs is that more often than not, we are just sold financial products that sometimes we may not fully understand its benefits. In IMG, we get to be financially educated first by having access to our workshops and advance training programs.

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Financial check-up involves assessing your current financial status and what products and services may meet your financial needs.
Have a free financial check-up now!
Have a free financial check-up now!
In a classroom setting, financial check-up sessions usually involve discussions on product training so that before availing certain financial products like healthcare, life insurance or investments, we are fully aware of its benefits and if it fits our financial needs. 

Overall, financial planning is now totally revamped into a do-it-yourself or “DIY” system through IMG’s financial education workshop and financial check-up so that we can fully assess our own financial needs. 

Financial planning is something we can not delegate to others. Remember:

You can not hire other people to do your push-ups for you

and so should financial planning. Be a member of IMG, be financially educated, assess your financial status, apply what you learn and help others to do the same. 

Be a member now and help share this Global Campaign for Financial Literacy! Experience #LifeatIMG. Be a member now! (Click here)

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