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Published August 21, 2016

Hi! Teof here, admin of Life at IMG. You can also call me Tiyo Pilo. Just last weekend (Aug 19 to 21) I visited my IMG members in Makati. It was a promise when one of them gets promoted to a trainer position, I will visit them. And fortunately enough, one of them did get promoted. 

The beauty of the IMG career is that wherever you are in the world, as long as you are interested to learn about finance, IMG can help you. I am based in Cebu, and my team is based in Makati. I have a team here in Cebu and do have a few IMG members in CDO, Bohol, Leyte, and even in Singapore. 

What I love about my experience visiting my IMG members in Makati is that I was able to observe how the IMG financial center works and to my expectation, they operate the same way as Cebu IMG financial center. Talk about having a great system! It means, as long as you are an IMG member, going to any IMG financial center like CDO, Davao, Dubai, Hongkong, or Singapore – you get the same level of experience. 
International Marketing Group office in King's Court Bldg, Makati.
International Marketing Group office in King’s Court Bldg, Makati. 
But what I love the most is finally meeting my team in Makati for the very first time. We did a lot of coaching and did their overdue promotion recognition. 
IMG Makati Team
IMG Makati Team
However, what struck me the most was after the recognition, some IMG members in Makati approached me and said, “can we take a picture of you? I am a FAN of your video courses!”

Wooooah! So this is how it feels like to be a celebrity? Haha kidding aside, it was an amazing feeling of being able to help people by giving value through my video courses with or without knowing who learns from it. 

It was just very timely because I have been reading Bro Bo’s ebook: “How to Turn Thoughts into Things” and I was able to experience and thus conclude how you get more money. Here it is: 

Bro Bo Sanchez's "How to Turn Thoughts into Things"
Bro Bo Sanchez’s “How to Turn Thoughts into Things”
Bro Bo mentioned in his ebook: “How to Turn Thoughts into Things” that money is a symbol of value. Thus if you want to get more money, you need to plant and give more value to people. If you plant value, you harvest more value which is equivalent to money!

Notice, I mentioned “get money” not “make money.” Because you no longer have to make money, money is already been printed, thus what we should do is to get money from other people. How? By providing valuable information or a solution to people’s problem. When you do, they will be willing to give you their hard-earned money.  

As T Harv Eker would say, don’t ask, “How do you get more money?” It is the wrong question. Rather, “How can I solve problems for people?”

Again, we get more money: by planting value (offering solutions to people’s problem) and harvesting more value (money) in return. and and AND… You don’t even just get money, you also acquire FANS. Hehe. (You guys just made my day, look forward for more articles and FREE videos courses from me. More value coming up!) 

So, what have you been planting today? How can you solve problems for people? 

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Get Bro Bo Sanchez's ebooks for FREE by joining the Truly Rich Club
Get Bro Bo Sanchez’s ebooks for FREE by joining the Truly Rich Club
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