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Read until the end and discover in this BORING black and white sales page…

How YOU can 6x-10X your online sales hooking your prospects, eagerly waiting for your emails and getting themselves ready to buy from you using the art of email series.

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Dear Friend,

Have you ever heard yourself saying: “Last na to! Promise” when you are watching a TV series like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead or even Koreanovelas?

It seems you just can’t stop watching these episodes. Why? Because these TV series will hook you up from one episode to another.

Knowing this concept, why not apply it to your business?


EmailNovela by Tiyo Pilo

EmailNovela Masterclass: The Art of Email Series

How to hook your email subscribers, eagerly waiting for your emails and getting themselves ready to buy from you.

The Emailnovela effect

Using the strategies inside this premium masterclass, your prospects will get addicted to your emails (always anticipating what you have to say).

They get so addicted, they don’t want to miss any of your emails. 

And back reads the previous emails that they have missed. (Just like watching a TV series. Hehe)

While other marketers get tons of unsubscribes and spam complains, using EmailNovela – your prospects NOT only read and back read all your emails, they will even thank you for consistently sending them emails and even look forward for MORE emails. 

Ain’t that crazy?!

EmailNovela Thank You

but the best part..

All these email addiction strategies are useless unless you build great relationships with your subscribers (thanking you for the value you provide).

And converting these prospects into online sales!

EmailNovela Sales Effect

after two days..

EmailNovela Payment

In fact, it’s the single strategy I used to generate 6x to 10x my online sales from affiliate marketing products, membership products, software and even my own digital products. 

Tiyo 10x Sales Online B&W

here are some of the secrets that will be revealed...

🗸 A Korean-drama addiction strategy that will make your prospects read and back read every email you send them. 

🗸 Discover the 3-part Email Masterplan that can potentially grow 6x – 10x your online sales! (This video alone is already worth your investment.)

🗸 The living dead strategy in making sales online that never dies even if other marketers claim it to be dead. This is a proven and time-tested strategy that will prevent you from getting hyped up from other marketers’ next shiny object.

🗸 The watch-this-and-implement-now video that you can literally apply right away with your marketing and watch your sales come pouring in.You don’t even have to finish the masterclass anymore and you’re already equipped with the ONLY sales skill you need. 

🗸 Discover the three secrets to email open rates. (Do this right OR ELSE nobody sees your products and you might as well quit selling online.)

🗸 How to increase your email open rates from 10-20% to 30-60% so that your prospects NOT only anticipate and thank you for sending them emails, but actually look forward for MORE.

🗸 Understanding the psychology why people have “favoritism” and how to apply this with your email marketing so that your emails won’t land on your prospects’ spam and promotions folder.

🗸 The idea generator that gives you instant attention-grabbing headlines for maximum open rates.

Open rates are good. But it is useless.
Unless your prospects convert from subscribers to buyers.

      Each prospect has 7 touch-points and by addressing all of these you have just activated their buying decision button. 

      What better way to address all of these touch-points by making sure they open all your emails, tackle them one-by-one and then Ka-ching! 

      Miss any of these 7 points, and you’ll be left wondering why your prospects haven’t decided to buy yet even though they open and read your emails. They’ll thank you for the email lessons you give them, but your wallet never will. Filter the freebie-seekers and extract and retain the buyers. 

      That being said, here are some more of the invaluable tips inside EmailNovela:

🗸 A story teller’s writing strategy in creating your sequence and making sure all your emails are connected for maximum addiction effect.

🗸 The defeated hero’s story to make your claims believable and avoid being labelled as “too good to be true.” (You don’t want to be called a SCAM).

🗸 Discover the objection crusher method on how to close more sales with zero to minimal rejections. 

🗸 A cure for “I’m-not-good-in-writing” syndrome. Thus, making you love sending emails to your prospects.

🗸 The 4-letter conversion formula in turning your words into cash. 

🗸 The 5-part persuasion structure on how to instantly bond with your prospects, gain their trust and sell your product without being pushy and/or manipulative. 

And a whole bunch more,
including these big bonuses:

1. Email-Powered Affiliate Marketing (EPAM Kodigo)

A 4-weekend recorded online coaching where I revealed how I earned my first 6-figures affiliate income online in 90 days without answering tons of inquiries

Get access to my 10-level cheatsheet or “Kodigo” where all you have is to follow each level step-by-step and achieve your first 6-figures income online. 

2. Tiyo Cheat Codes 

Templates, formula, copywriting tips, email templates, email series guides and done-for-you cheat codes so that you won’t start from scratch but instead focus more on providing value to your subscribers and closing more sales. 

3. One-on-one coaching (1 hour)

I normally charge 10,000 an hour for consultation. But you’ll get this bonus as part of the program.

You can choose either One (1) 1-hour coaching call, or Two (2) 30-minute coaching calls. This is my way to hand hold you making sure you implement and produce results for your business or career.


THIS IS not for everyone!

As much as I want to share all these to a lot of people. I ONLY want to reveal these strategies to serious players. 

Thus this masterclass isn’t cheap. Straight to the point – it is priced at P10,990.

To further filter the online-entrepreneur-wannabees from the serious ones, this is the only program where I WON’T give any money-back-guarantees. Let me repeat that:

 There Are No Refunds,
And All Sales Are Final!

If this is something you can’t deal with, then please don’t enroll. So, yes. This is definitely for serious and action-takers only. 

This skill is so powerful that it should only be revealed to the “right person.” And if you believe you are one of them, here’s how to proceed. 

Step 1: Click the waiting list button below
Step 2: Subscribe and follow email instructions
Step 3: If you qualify, payment link will be sent via email 

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“The email novela masterclass helped me realized the power of email marketing in any business. It gives you the skills that you need to reach more potential clients without you chasing them. You don’t have to face rejections.”
-Mary Ann A. (Call Center Agent/ Sales Associate)


“I like that you focus on giving value to your subscribers or your future customers. That is very important to me. That will differentiate me from my other colleagues.”
-Elaine M. (Certified Estate Planner)


What I like is that I can go back to the modules. Since I’am not a techy, I really need to go back again and again before I was able to do a task.” 
-Ivy (QA Manager/ Networker)


“very engaging at napaka helpful lahat ng emails mo coach.. iba yung style ng teachings mo.. I hope na more learnings pa from you.. salamat coach!”
-Joseph N. (Financial Adviser)


“Before I enrolled in the course, I asked myself: “can I really trust a person that I’ve just met online?” Then I found out that Tiyo Pilo teaches based from what really works! With short, straight to the point, actionable and easy to follow training videos for all learners! You’re in good hands with coach Tiyo Pilo 🙂
-Earl T. (Online Entrepreneur)


What I like with the course is that you have access to the learning materials 24/7 anywhere anytime you want and it will not expire”
-Geneva (Financial Advisor)


“I totally agree that you need to give as much value as possible so that you can be more relevant to your email marketing audience. That’s probably the reason why for me, you’re already mixed in the same space with our lodis (Expert Email Marketers in PH). You keep on providing value in your emails. Totally opposite to others whom I subscribed before, which talk only about their products.”
-Vina (Investor)


“Great work, T! My favorite part is the goal to become a trusted advisor. I like your videos. They are short but packed with substance. Keep up the good work and congratulations for a job well done :)”
-Misa E. (Financial Adviser)


“Coach Tiyo Pilo, backed up with experience, results and integration of knowledge obtained from other coaches, has his own teaching style. Pushing students to be different”
-Rene U. (Mechanical Engineer)


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Create your desired lifestyle,
Tiyo Pilo

PS: I’ll wait for you inside the masterclass!

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