Ebook Business Startup

Start your own online information business by creating and selling your own ebook even if nobody has ever heard of you before or if you think you aren’t an expert yet.


..to create your own information product such as an ebook or an online course BUT don’t know how to start? 

Do you want to inspire people or make an impact by sharing your knowledge, expertise or your passion through your information products BUT you are afraid that nobody might buy from you? 

Or are you procrastinating from creating one because you think you are NOT yet an expert and you keep asking yourself: “Why would people even listen to me?” 


I felt the exact same way before and that’s the reason why I created this program: 


Ebook Business Startup

Ebook Business Startup Course

How to jumpstart your own information business by creating and selling your own ebook (and later upgrade to online courses and coaching programs) even if nobody has ever heard of you before or if you think you aren’t an expert yet.

I never thought..

…people would want to buy a product from me. I mean, my own personal information product. 

I was busy promoting affiliate programs (other people’s products and getting a commission for every referral) when all of a sudden I’ve gotten an email from Glenn saying: 

Glenn Testimonial

“Do you have your own product that I can buyI like your teaching style, honest, no hidden agendas so far, unlike some Americans and some Pinoys. God bless you more.” – Glenn 

And ever since that day.. 

..I was empowered that anyone can create and sell your own product. Because there will always be somebody out there that will resonate with who you are. 


Now, to give you a little context:

I’ve always wanted to create and sell my own ebook. I’ve learned that creating your own ebook and then posting it into your website will generate you passive income. That was the dream. 

So I decided to create my first paid ebook. Toiled for more than 30 days, writing the best information I believe can help people and when the time came to finally sell it to the public:



No single sale! 

I was devastated and told myself, “Maybe I am not yet ready to create my own product. Better for now, promote other people’s product as an affiliate.”

So I settled for affiliate marketing. 

(Later did I know, I was doing it the WRONG way)

you are not in control

I was actually doing pretty good with affiliate marketing: earning 6-figures per month. 

And as an affiliate marketer, I was involved in a lot of companies and promoting different products and services. 

The problem however is that as an affiliate you don’t own the products and the company. You are NOT in control. And any time the company can change rules or basically kick you out

Which almost happened to me. 


As mentioned, I was promoting multiple products from multiple companies. And because of that I was accused of committing “conflict of interest” from one of the companies I was affiliated in. 

I got this very disturbing letter of notice. 

I was almost kicked out from one of the companies I was very proud to promote. 

That’s when I finally heeded what my subscribers were asking. 

To finally create my own information products.  

inside ebook business startup

I decoded what I did wrong in my attempt of creating and selling my first information product (ebook) and discovered: 

1. To create a product that people would want to buy NOT create a product you want to sell:

How to determine a product topic that you are good at and that people are willing to pay for (so that you won’t need to guess whether your product will sell or not)

2. Strategically influence your audience even if you are (or think you are) not an expert: 

Discover how you can ethically stalk and know your audience problems and become the solution they are willing to listen to (knowing this, your audience will perceive you as their trusted adviser and will be willing to buy from you)

3. Sell effortlessly without pushing and convincing people: 

How to build relationship with your audience, break the barriers in their buying decision (and make sales teaching what you love and make more money).

results you can get with EBS

After discovering all the needed steps and strategies to effectively create my first successful information product, I was able to NOT only create and sell ebooks, but also courses, masterclasses and coaching programs.

Some of my products:

Tiyo Pilo Info Products

And quick screenshot of my sales:

But the best part is the feedback you get from your students and customers: 

Tiyo Students Feedback

Here's what's inside

I totally understand the feeling of “fear of failure”, the feeling that: “what if walang bibili?” or feeling the impostor syndrome selling a product even if you think you aren’t an expert. 

That’s why I created the Ebook Business Startup Course to help and guide you step-by-step on how you can increase your belief that you can create and sell your own product.

It’s start with a small spark. Hit your first ebook sale, and watch your confidence grow and the desire to create multiple products and services because you now have the belief that you can create awesome information products that people want to buy at the same time share the knowledge, expertise and the passion you have. 


Now it’s your turn.

Here’s what’s inside when you enroll in the Ebook Business Startup Course:


– Discover the 3 types of products you can sell online and which ones are the most profitable so you won’t have to waste time and optimize the ones that are proven to work.

– Know how to have clarity in your ebook business and the 2 major business models that will separate you as a striving infopreneur compared to a struggling one selling only a P500 ebook.  

– Two questions you need to ask before ever creating your product, else you’ll be left wondering why people won’t buy your product. 

– Understand why almost always, passion-based projects are never finished, completed or even sold and instead discover what kind of project would make people want to buy from you and even thank you for. 

– Discover 3 idea generators that will help in finding the perfect topic to create that not only solves people’s problems but are guaranteed to sell. (No more guessing whether your product will sell or not)

And lastly, after being able to settle on what topic to write or create, get access to 3 content structures that will ease up your product creation process.


Module 2: ebook creation

– How to write your content fast even if you hate writing by using our ready-made templates. 

– Use a common software that will auto-save your progress, avoiding you from ever forgetting to “click the save” button and save you the stress of losing your written hard work. 

– Discover the 33:33 rule for maximum writing productivity and never ever feel stuck again in your writing. Using this rule, you can’t even stop yourself from finishing what you have started.

– Two writer’s hacks for people who are never good with writing but still be able to produce an ebook they are proud of.  

– How to design your own ebook without hiring an over-priced design creative even if you aren’t techie with our step-by-step, drag-and-drop method. 

– Pricing your ebook the right way, so not only will it appear cheap but also increase it’s perceived value and be able sell it with a higher price point. 

 – Create your website where you will sell your ebook, store your ebook, and create a sales page for it without having to pay complicated software or do website coding. 


Module 3: ebook promotion

– Discover unlimited promotion strategies that will not bore or annoy your audience but instead they’ll find it valuable even if you are promoting the same offer over and over again. 

 – Know the content formula in writing a valuable post that sells your product so you won’t appear pushy instead attract your audience to your offer. 

 – Learn the advance marketing and promotion strategy that guides them step-by-step from being a prospect to a buyer. 

– Uncover the secret advance selling tip that makes people want to buy NOW even if they haven’t heard about you yet. (I was just even wearing a t-shirt and have sold multiple sales of my ebook with this strategy) 

– Discover how to sell your ebook at a higher price point and still people would want to buy it. (ebooks usually cost around P500, but with this strategy you can sell it for even P3,000 to P5,000 per ebook)


Module 4: ebook expansion

– Understand the BEAR cycle and why creating an ebook is just the beginning of a whole new world of your information business. 

– The information business expansion and how you can create multiple products that will serve your customers at a higher level and at an increasing price point.

– Discover the secret of selling a product that you haven’t created yet and make money even before making your first module or chapter. (If nobody buys, you end up not wasting time in creating that product) 

– Develop a high-income skill that aspiring authors want but don’t have the time to do it through a service called Ghostwriting. (This skill has allowed me to command a P35,000 project per client)



– Get access to our bonus module on how to create an ebook as a free gift or a lead magnet. 

– You’ll get access to my over-the-shoulder method on creating, designing and learning all the technical training you need in creating your ebook. (So if you are not techie, this is the solution)

What's Unique with the EBS?

The video trainings are presented in 3 unique ways:

  • Through Powerpoint slides
  • Lecture style (You can see the instructor)
  • Over-the-shoulder (screen share)  
In fact here’s what Mary Ann has to say:

“May mga topics po kasi na kailangan ng methodology using whiteboard. Mas feel ko na classroom set up sya and it really helps po sakin. At the same time, mas nabi-build po yung trust since we can see you as the instructor. On the other hand po, effective din po yung screen capture for technical purposes since it would be hard to for learners to understand without seeing how to do it..

..mas mataas ang perceived value kapag nakikita ka po sa video.. ..para syang hands on mentoring.”

How awesome is that?! 

An online course that feels like “hands on mentoring.”


Yes, there is a 7-day “run through guarantee”. After enrolling in the course, we highly suggest you do a quick run through (scan the course very quickly)

If you think you’ve already implemented the information inside, just hit us an email in the first 7 days, and we’ll return your money back. We don’t want you to pay for something you already know. 


Here’s what you will get once you enrolled in the Ebook Business Startup Course:

Ebook Business Startup

1. Four Modulated Video Training Course

Discover how to jumpstart your own information business by creating and selling your own ebook (and later upgrade to online courses and coaching programs) even if nobody has ever heard of you before or if you think you aren’t an expert yet.

2. Digital Membership Access

Access in any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or even your smart phone and learn as you go.

3. Downloadable Videos

Yes, you can! Most courses don’t allow you to download their videos, or just give you the audio or transcript.

With EBS, you can download them so you can watch it in offline mode. 

4. Lifetime Access to Updates

You will gain access to tools updates, video training updates, bonus videos and have the ability to request a video training related to EBS.


BIG BONUSES (for premium only)

Online Traffic Strategies Jumpstarter

1. Online Traffic Strategies Jumpstarter (Value P2,490)

After creating an ebook, it will be useless unless people know about it. In this complimentary video training, you’ll discover around 20 different traffic strategies that will help you promote your product for maximum exposure. 

Inside this training you’ll also discover more than 10 content hacks on how to promote your offering without annoying your audience but instead they’ll find your contents valuable while being exposed to your offer. 

Again, the more product exposure = the more sales you’ll make! 

PMA Facebook Ads Training

2. Paid Marketing Advantage: Facebook Ads Training (Value P2,490) 

Discover an in-depth training in the world of Facebook Advertising and how you can target highly qualified prospects to buy your products. 

Unlock the skill on how you can spend P100 and earn P200 (or more) in return. Knowing this, you can scale your information business to as big as you possible want it to be.

let's get started now!

Choose the perfect plan that fits your needs. Payments are done via Paypal, credit card or debit card. For bank deposit instructions, see below.  


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PHP 4,990

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Hit me an email at: hi@tiyopilo.com

Create your desired lifestyle,
Tiyo Pilo

PS: See you inside the course!