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Published September 13, 2016

International Marketing Group just concluded an awesome event last weekend: IMG’s Convention of Champions 2016 – DOMINATE. It was held in SMX – Mall of Asia last Sept. 10 – 11, 2016. 

The theme of the event was “Dominate.” Dominating the financial industry in the Philippines through Financial Literacy. We want to achieve a humble 1 million financially educated Filipino families by the year 2020. It was the biggest event so far with almost 8,000 financial advocates gathering with one common goal. 
Dominating the financial industry through financial literacy
International Marketing Group Convention of Champions 2016: Dominate (photo credits: Jon Siu)
As in every annual convention, we celebrated it first with a Gala Night. A night filled with food (eat-all-you-can buffet), entertainment and awarding. 

Artists were present to celebrate with us: Mr. Ariel Rivera, Ms. Morisette Amon and Mr. Dennis Trillo. Mrs. Korina Sanchez-Roxas was also there as part in the awarding ceremony. 

It was a fun night but the real juice was in the Sunday event – the convention proper. It was a whole day training event featuring IMG’s millionaire mentors. 

Let’s take a peek at IMG’s mentors and the wisdom they shared during the IMG convention of champions – DOMINATE. 

1. Rex Mendoza
The first IMG mentor who shared his wisdom is our very old friend, Mr. Rex Mendoza of Rampver Financials, Inc. 

He shared about the topic on “Leadership.” In order to dominate we need to be a leader. A leader should be a person who has influence. Thus, a leader should perform and be the inspiration he should be for his team. 

Power wisdom: 

To be a great leader is to dominate. To dominate is to perform. To perform is to commit. Thus, Dominance is a commitment.

Millionaire Mentors of International Marketing Group
Millionaire Mentors of International Marketing Group
2. Agnes Miranda
Mrs. Agnes Miranda is the biggest builder in Canada. A true financial advocate. She discussed that the most important thing we need to do in order to dominate is to change ourselves. Before we can dominate others, we need to dominate ourselves first. Thus we need to be the “change” we want to see. 

Power wisdom: 

C.H.A.N.G.E. means Commitment. Habits (good), Attitude. No negative (always be positive). Goals. and Excitement. 

3. Mark Yu
The 3rd millionaire mentor of IMG is the US-based Financial Trainer, Mark Yu. He came from a wealthy family in Taiwan, but because of the not-so-good relationship habits of his dad, his mom brought him and his sister to the United States to live a new life. 

From being well-off, they went back to zero. His talk was about how he struggled and went up to success through the vehicle as a financial trainer. 

Power wisdom: 

Nothing is more powerful than a made up mind. 

4. Bro Bo Sanchez
Of course, the most sought-after spiritual and financial mentor of IMG is present to inspire us all in the IMG convention. Bro Bo Sanchez read a scripture from the Bible and relating it to IMG’s mission. 

To dominate is to do the mission. Spreading financial education to a lot of families. The challenge however is that a lot of IMG financial advocates are not committed enough to share the good news. Bro Bo reminded as the the key to success is to serve. 

Power wisdom: 

What makes people stuck in the same place is PRIDE. Let go of pride and serve. As to serve is key to success. 

Other financial mentors of IMG were also present. Mr. JB Nguyen from the U.S. Mr. Noel Arandilla and Mr. Joen delas Penas (the IMG founders) gave also powerful messages. 

It was such a jam-packed convention of wisdom. And after that amazing event, everybody is fired-up and now ready to dominate. It’s time to dominate the financial industry in the Philippines through financial education! 

IMG is not just a company, not just an organization. But IMG is a way of life: a crusade, an advocacy.  

Stay updated for the upcoming blog posts as we will share a more detailed discussion on each speaker and their powerful messages. 

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