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Published October 9, 2016

I just completed an e-course on personal development and online entrepreneurship. And in every learning opportunity, I always remember and apply the best part that struck me the most. 

It was about visualization and achieving your dream lifestyle. 

Before I share what I learnt, I would like to ask you some few questions and I’ll try to emulate as much as possible the way the trainer did the visualization exercise. 
time and financial freedom with family
time and financial freedom with family
Let’s start: 

How do you see yourself three to five years from now? 

Can you see yourself having enough savings and investments? How much are you earning by then? 

Can you see yourself inside your dream house? How big is it? How many rooms? 

How does your dream car look like? Can you see yourself riding your dream car? 

Where do you want to take your family for a vacation? Imagine yourself very happy spending quality time with your family. 

How does your dream lifestyle look like? 

Pause. Internalize the questions and start visualizing. Get lost in your imagination if needed. After that let’s continue..

Now that we hopefully visualized our dream lifestyle, let us then compute how to achieve it.

The key in achieving our dream lifestyle is learning how to compute our D.I.G. or what we call as “Daily Income Goal.”

Yes, you read that right, daily. While most of us are accustomed to earning monthly income (15th or 30th), to achieve our dream lifestyle we need to focus on earning a daily income. 


Because, most of the times, we are so used to earning by trading our time for money which is in the case of a job. The challenge of trading our time for income is that we are not in control of our income. 

But when we focus our attention on earning a daily income, then boom! The mind just keeps on working and finding ways to earn income. Everyday you wake up and you know how much you need to earn, what to do and getting the job done. All for the such of achieving our dream lifestyle.

So now, let us compute our dream lifestyle and determine our “daily income goal.”

1. Expenses: How much is your lifestyle expenses (basic needs like groceries and utilities) every month? (Note: not your current expenses but how much do you see spending every month) 

Expenses example: 40,000 monthly for basic expenses

2. House and Lot: How much is your dream house? Estimate the monthly amortization. 

Tip: you can search in google “house and lot mortgage calculator Philippines.”  

Example using BPI Housing Loans Calculator:
For a 5 million worth of house and lot with a down payment of 20% for the next 10 years, then the monthly amortization would be ~45,000. 
House and lot mortgage calculator example
House and lot mortgage calculator example
House and lot amortization example: ~45,000 monthly

3. Car: How much is your dream car? Estimate the monthly amortization. 

Tip: you can search in google “car mortgage calculator Philippines.”  

Example using Unionbank Auto Loan Calculator: 
For a Mazda CX-5 SkyActiv Soul Red the monthly amortization will be ~30,000. 
Car mortgage calculation example for Mazda CX-5
Car mortgage calculation example for Mazda CX-5
Car monthly amortization example: ~30,000 monthly

4. Vacation: How much is your dream vacation? Let say for example you want to go to Hong Kong Disney Land with your whole family and estimated budget of around 100,000 for 7 days. Then that would be ~10,000 monthly. 

Vacation example: ~10,000 monthly

5. Business: And lastly, we can not earn daily income with a job, thus a business should be the right vehicle. In any business, the owner always reinvests back in the business. 

Business expense example: 15,000 monthly

Adding them up:

1. Expenses: 40,000
2. House and lot: 45,000
3. Car: 30,000
4. Vacation: 10,000
5. Business 15,000

TOTAL: 140,000 + 30% for taxes and inflation
TOTAL Monthly Income: 182,000 

or Daily Income Goal (DIG) = ~ 6,000 per day! 

After computing, you’ll realize that there is so much work to be done! However, the beauty of learning how to compute our DIG is that it gives you a sense of clarity. 

And we all know that clarity is power! Clarity gives us the ability to do things. 

Now, I wan’t you to compute your own DIG. And together, let’s us help each other achieve our dream lifestyle. 

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