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Published October 6, 2016

We are now in the information age and people are now very hungry to learn.

People want to get the best deals and benefits, people want to learn, and a lot want to do it themselves without the need of a pushy sales agent. 
International Marketing Group - Building a new financial industry
Change is coming in the financial industry
Because of the booming information age and with the development of technology, companies have changed and disrupted the old industries. 
Here are the game changers in the global industries:
IMG the new financial industry
IMG the new financial industry (source: IMG official)
Uber the biggest transportation network but does not own a single vehicle. 

Facebook the most famous social media website but does not create is own content.

Youtube the most dominant online video streaming website but does not produce their own videos.

Google the largest online information hub but does not write its own content.

And in the financial industry, it is high time that change should be implemented. The financial industry in the Philippines existed for more than a hundred years already however, not even half of the Filipinos are insured, a lot are under-insured, minimal to no savings and investments, and most if not all are in debt. 

Because of IMG’s global campaign for financial literacy, change is coming in the financial industry. Are you ready for the change?  

Here are five powerful changes that is expected to happen with IMG’s campaign:

1. From Selling to Educating
A lot of people are allergic with salespeople. Have you experience going to a dress shop and the attendant keeps on following you. You tried to measure the dress (if it fits you) and the saleslady keeps on saying “bagay sayo Ma’am!” (the dress is perfect for you, Ma’am). A lot would agree that it is very irritating. 

Relating to the financial industry, have you experience meeting an insurance agent and instead of getting informed on the product, the agent keeps on telling you death threats (or something less brutal than that. Hehe) that you end up buying the wrong product because the agent scared you a lot? 

Because of these scenarios, people want to be informed on the products that fits them well. Through IMG’s global campaign and with our financial education workshop, people will be financially educated, understand their financial needs and applying what they learn without the need of an agent. 

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2. From Agent-Client Relationship to Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) 
Have you experienced getting an investment product and when you bought it, you can no longer contact your agent? 

How about experiencing having an insurance agent, who wasn’t able to hit his/her quota, was kicked out and left you (the client), clueless and doesn’t know what to do with your policy? 

Because of these major need, IMG has partnered with the leading financial institutions of the country so that an IMG member can directly access their services without needing the need of a middleman. You become your own financial expert and learn to do-it-yourself.  

3. Membership Platform
Just like having a membership with S&R or SM advantage card, you get discounts, points and the best deals as a member. Same with IMG, once you are a member of IMG, you can get the best deals with your financial products. 

– Do you want to get HMO for your family? You get the commission. 
– Do you want to have the best life insurance? Get access to the cheapest Term Insurance.
– Do you want to renew your car, home or business insurance? Get discounts and even rebates on your non-life purchases.
– Do you want to purchase condominiums or real estate? Get discount and rebates. 
– Do you want to invest in mutual funds? Get zero sales load (investment entry fee). 

4. From Passive Investors to Crusaders
Unlike the traditional investment, when one is just satisfied earning for himself. In IMG, not only that you invest and earn from it, but also, when you recommend the programs to your families and friends, you can also have the opportunity to earn.

IMG encourages people to share what they know by rewarding people with a commission on every product referred. Thus, instead of just being a passive investor, you become a crusader helping out with IMG’s global campaign so we can reach more families to become financially educated. 

Another benefit of this income opportunity is that, it prevents clients from policy lapsation. The reason why most Filipinos are uninsured is because most of the time, the preferred clients of investment and insurance companies are individual with high working income. They want to avoid policy lapsation thus under-serving the middle and low income earners. 

But with IMG’s income opportunity, any individual regardless of income, can have the opportunity to finally be able to save and invest by earning additional income in IMG. 

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5. From Employee to Entrepreneurs
While the income opportunity can provide an additional source of income, it can actually become a full-time business career. A lot of IMG members have successfully transition themselves from employees to entrepreneurs by maximizing IMG’s business opportunity. 

Do you want to own your time? 
Do you want to be your own boss? 
Do you want to earn as big as what you want?
Do you want to earn without any pressure of quota? 
Do you want time freedom for your family?
Do you want to earn passive income?
Do you want to travel and still make money anywhere? 

If you answered yes, then IMG’s business opportunity is for you! 

Change is coming in the financial industry. Will you be part of this change? Click here and start your journey as an IMG member. —> Experience #LifeatIMG! 

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