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Published September 22, 2016

The number one reason most couples fight is because of money. Whether we like it or not, money plays a very important role in our relationships. 

I personally don’t believe in the saying, “bahala’g saging, basta loving!” (It’s okay to eat banana, as long as you love each other.) Try feeding your family with banana for a year and you might have a brand new family: monkeys. 

Are you financially compatible with your partner?
Are you financially compatible with your partner?

Let’s take a break with all the financial lessons in this blog and let’s enjoy a little quiz and see how financially compatible are we with our partner. 

Are you on the same (financial) page as your partner?

You might be in sync with your significant other when it comes to your feelings, but what about your finances? Take our quiz to find out just how financially compatible you are as a couple — and how you can add more fiscal togetherness, if you’ve been going it alone.

Wondering how your partner would answer these questions? Send a link and share your results to get closer, financially. 

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