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Published June 1, 2016

International Marketing Group (IMG) is not only about spreading financial education, it is also into business and entrepreneurship. Not only that IMG empowers people to become their own financial experts, IMG also encourages people to be an entrepreneur. IMG founder and head coach, Xuan Nguyen, shares with us his powerful insights about entrepreneurship in the last IMG Macau Summit 2015.

The joy of winning
The joy of winning

Taking a look back at a successful Macau Summit 2015, held last November 15, 2015 in Sheraton Hotel attended by almost 2,000 participants: we were very fortunate to have with us our founder and head coach, Xuan Nguyen along with our financial mentor, Rex Mendoza and the biggest builder in Canada, Agnes Miranda. Among all the presentations, the head coach struck us all with his powerful insights about entrepreneurship.

International Marketing Group (IMG) Macau Summit Convention
International Marketing Group (IMG) Macau Summit Convention

“What would you do if you knew exactly how to win?” –Xuan Nguyen

All of us want to win in all aspects in life: marriage, career, finances, spiritual, family, etc. If you knew exactly how to win in life, what would you do? He simply says, “Just do it.” The only challenge is that most of us don’t know what to do in order to win. Here are 4 entrepreneurial tips in winning:
International Marketing Group (IMG) Founder and Head Coach, Xuan Nguyen
International Marketing Group (IMG) Founder and Head Coach, Xuan Nguyen
1. Find something you totally believe in
For us to win, we need to find something to believe in. To give 100% of our lives to that something we stand for, something we fight for. As of his case, he totally believes and gives 100% (not 98, not 99%) of his effort in spreading financial concepts and giving opportunity to people to become entrepreneurs and helping people literally change their financial and career lives. 

2. No negotiation, no excuses
If you totally believe in something, there should no negotiation, no excuses. There should be NO, “should I work and do business today? I feel tired, can I just relax today?” We need to take control of ourselves. This is the ultimate challenge of most entrepreneurs, when they become their own bosses, a lot don’t have the self-discipline to consistently do what he is supposed to be doing. 

3. Be a good student of winning
Winning is getting what you want. It means going where you are supposed to be. We need to have a goal, a dream with a deadline. A lot of us don’t have a goal, that’s why we have a job to follow somebody’s goal. 

4. Be a leader
Nobody follows a mediocre guy, only a leader. We need to be the stronger guy, the builder of people. We need a strong mind, full of positivity and belief in one’s self. And when we are strong ourselves, then we can lead, guide, grow and build people. Nobody was born a wrong child or a loser; we just make the wrong decisions. We need to choose winning and in winning we need to be a leader. Be a good person first, then we can attract good people. Be secure first, before we become financially secured. We need to be independent first, before we can achieve financial independence. 
IMG System Builder Book: The Manual of Entrepreneurship
IMG System Builder Book: The Manual of Entrepreneurship
And in any entrepreneurial endeavor, one must keep in mind his personal MISSIONVISION and with help of a strong SYSTEM. 

To learn the complete details of Xuan’s powerful entrepreneurial insights, attend one of our upcoming conventions or attend our advance training sessions. 
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